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Blue Kiwi

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One of our everyday defenders! Keep mud out of your face with style and a clear conscience. Hand made from 100% recycled plastic sourced from local businesses in  the Comox valley. 

One of a kind! Since our products are hand made and hand painted each mudguard is unique which means that you have a one of a kind! (The colours and pattern might vary slightly from description photo)

 (price per one mudguard)



* 100% recycled plastic

* 100 % recycled packaging

* Responsibly sourced pigments

(Not Produced in a sterile environment, do not purchase if you have allergies.)


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The size of our mudguards are roughly 26.5 cm wide and 22.5 tall. (Each guard is slightly different, sizes might vary to some degree)

Care Instructions

Don't boil it! it will melt...

Warranty & Returns