We Care About Our Planet!

  • Mounted fender

    What We Do

    Mudguards Of course!! 

    By recycling our local plastic and cardboard waste into something new and useful!

  • Why We Do It

    The environment is important to us, therefore we strive to make our products friendly to our planet and just like you, we love spending time out on our trails. We want to continue doing so for a long time. What we do might be a small step but it is a step in the right direction. Come join us on our journey to greener biking!

  • How We Do It

    Our products are hand made on Vancouver island. Each product is unique and holds between 13-40 sheets of plastic depending on what kind of plastic we are working with. We design our topsheets with alcohol inks that we mix in house to create the perfect shades. Once it is time to press it all together we make sure there is a clear protective layer on top of our pigments to hold them in place, creating a long lasting design that of course is waterproof.