We Like Our Planet!

Our small business is located in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. All of our plastic is recycled from nearby local businesses. By using our 100% recycled plastic mudguards you will not only keep your face clean but you will also keep the reused plastic from a landfill. We try our best to keep products, packaging, labels etc as environmentally friendly as we can! Therefore our labels are made from recycled cardboard, the inks we use are made in house from sustainably sourced pigments and our packaging is 100% recycled paper materials.

Our Favorites

The Plastic In Your Mudguard Is 100% Recycled

All the plastic in your mudguard has had a previous life. We receive our plastic from a local furniture store. Once it’s in our shop we cut it all into size, clean it, design our prints, press it together and cut it out. Once that is done we put our brand on it and ship it to you!

We use sustainably sourced pigments

The majority of our pigments are purchased from Naturalearthpaints who source their products sustainably from around the world. There are no chemical or plastic additives, only pure pigments that we then mix to our prefered colours.

Recycled Labels & Packaging

Just like the plastic, our cardboard labels have had a previous life. We make them all in house and they are attached to your guard with the leftover plastic from cutting out our mudguards. Our shipping packaging is not made in house. But! Are still made from 100% recycled paper materials.

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